Damon Covington
As a Lieutenant and 13 year veteran with the Oakland Fire Department, Damon understands the role that CPR plays in saving lives. As a seasoned Paramedic he has real life experience to share with his students that is always infused with a dose of humor and humility.
Leon Primas 
As a 20 year veteran Captain in the Oakland Fire Department, Leon has an abundance of real life experience to share with his students. As a certified American Heart Association CPR instructor he's always insightful and funny. A class with Captain Primas is one you will never forget.
Meet Our 1st Choice CPR Training Professionals
This page was last updated: July 7, 2010
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Eric Govan
Eric Govan is an EMT-Fire Fighter for the city of Richmond and a certified American Heart Association CPR instructor. As a Spanish speaking Instructor, he brings over five years of real life experience to the classroom setting. As a member of the Richmond Fire Department Eric has always gone the extra mile to help his students understand and learn the impact that CPR can have on saving lives.
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